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FAQ Marble Mantels

Are all of your mantels in-stock?  Many of the mantels listed on our website are examples of mantels produced for past customers and are not necessarily in-stock. We do keep a rotating inventory in-stock and frequently have specials on new mantels in transit to our store.

How do I know what is in stock?   You can follow this link to view mantels that are in-stock.  In stock mantels are usually ready to ship out within 10 business days.  Transit time to you is between 1-5 days.

Can you custom build fireplace mantels?   Yes. We can customize any mantel design to any size, design and color. We can also assist in production of your conceptual designs and also historical replication. The lead time for a custom order is typically 5-6 months. The advantage of a custom order is that the final product will be made to your projects unique specifications.  Special Orders require a 50% deposit with the balance due prior to shipment. 

How do I measure my current firebox to determine if a mantel will fit?  To measure compatibility of an in-stock mantel or getting started on a custom mantel we will just need some basic dimensions. Typically, we just need to know the height and width of a firebox. If the firebox is raised off the floor or if there are constraints such as windows or limited wall space we would need those dimensions as well. If you are unsure on the dimensions you can always email us a picture of your firebox at sales@thegatz.com and we would be happy to assist in labeling what measurements we would need.   Here is a link that gives you a visual for measuring your firebox:  Dimensions Link

What marble colors are available?   Any mantel color you see as you peruse our on line catalog of mantels can be ordered for any design.  Here is a link for colors:  Materials - Colors

Do you offer shipping?  Yes we can offer worldwide shipping services. We crate our mantels and can offer curbside residential delivery in the contiguous 48 United States. A typical shipment can range from $400-$700 depending on weight, design and distance. Shipping is an additional charge and we do not offer free shipping for any item.   

Our domestic shipments are shipped via LTL common carrier. The carrier will contact you when your shipment arrives at their regional terminal to schedule a delivery with you. At the time of delivery, the carrier will offload your order from the truck and provide curbside delivery service (unless alternative arrangements are made at time of sale). Once you accept delivery It is your responsibility to transport your order to the install site, install and dispose of the packaging contents.

International shipments can be arranged to be picked up at your local port or we can arrange door to door delivery for an additional fee. The customer is responsible for all import documentation, taxes, duties and associated fee's. If you do not have an import broker we can refer you to our preferred brokers for assistance.

How are your products packaged for shipping?  All of our domestic shipments are professionally crated by our experienced staff and fully insured. Our shipments are protected with an industry leading shock absorbing foam and packaged above industry recommendations. Our goal is to get your order to you as safe as possible. In the unlikely case that your order is damaged in transit you have 100% protection with shipment insurance. Unlike our competitors we handle all claims with the carriers and try to make any claim process as hassle free as possible.

Does the mantel arrive in one piece?  No the mantel arrives in multiple pieces and will require installation.

Do you provide installation services?  We do not currently offer installation services. Our mantels ship in several pieces depending on design and you would need to locate a local contractor that can assist with the installation of mantels. 

Are your mantels real marble or a composition? Our mantels are carved from solid blocks of natural stone.  None of our mantels are cast or composed of engineered materials.  

How much does a mantel weigh?  Mantels weigh between 600 to 1000 pounds.  They arrive in several pieces so generally two people can handle moving.  The heaviest pieces are going to be the hearth and the mantel shelf.

Common Carrier Shipments  We want your merchandise purchase to be a pleasant one! You need to be prepared. We have found that many customers have either never received a shipment from a common carrier or have had serious misconceptions about the general rules of receiving. Because of this conflict, we have explained the essential facts that you must know about receiving your merchandise by a common freight carrier. Take the time to read all this important information before you place your order and feel free to call with any questions...

What is common carrier?  Shipping for any of our merchandise over 100 lbs is made via common carrier "LTL" service unless specifically noted otherwise. Once the cargo reaches the destination service terminal you will be contacted by the carrier for delivery. The carrier will attempt to set-up a delivery appointment window with you for a specific date and time window. It is your responsibility to set-up an appointment. The carrier will not allow us to set an appointment on your behalf. Only once the carrier has an appointment will they make delivery. The carrier will not just "drop off" the shipment and will require a signature.

What kind of service can I expect?  By default, the carriers offer was is referred to as 'curbside residential service'. This means that the carrier will offload the cargo to street level or to your condo service entrance using their hydraulic lift-gate. From this point their service obligation is complete and it is your responsibility to transport the cargo to its final location and dispose of all packaging materials.

In most cases as long as the carrier can get access and they perceive no risk to their equipment or self they are willing to help beyond just the curbside commitment. The carrier uses a tool that requires a smooth paved surface and in many instances they are willing to help roll the cargo to a more convenient area. Again, the carrier is not obligated to provide this service but in most instances they are trying to provide good customer service and are willing to try and help the best they can.

In some instances the cargo is too large or heavy to use the carrier's lift-gate special arrangements will be made. In some instances you may responsible for coordinating having a piece of equipment at the delivery site to offload the cargo. In this case we would notify you of any special handling needs prior to you confirming a purchase and us releasing the shipment to the carrier. The customer is responsible for coordinating any equipment rentals. The Gatz is not responsible for any fees incurred due to a delay in shipment.

Can I change the delivery address after the item has been shipped?  It is possible to change the delivery address after an item has shipped. If you elect to "re-consign" the delivery there is typically a fee. Based on our experience this fee typically is a minimum of $50 but can go up depending on the location of the new delivery address.

What should the shipment look like when I receive it?  
When receiving the cargo you need to visually inspect the outside of the shipment. We only use new boxes and custom made wooden crates. Our shipments are labeled to let the carriers know to handle the shipments with care. Our shipments never ship out with noticeable damage to the packaging.

What if there is damage to the shipment?  
In the event you see any damage to the exterior of the crate you will need to inspect the shipment before signing anything. Open the shipment and inspect your merchandise completely BEFORE the driver leaves. If you do find damage document in detail all damage on the paperwork the driver ask you to sign.  

Drivers sometimes will not want to stay for an inspection but be persistent as it only takes a few minutes to open and inspect. If the driver refuses to stay note on the paperwork "DAMAGE TO EXTERIOR OF SHIPMENT. DRIVER REFUSES TO STAY FOR FINAL INSPECTION OF CONCEALED DAMAGE.".

In the event there is damage we take a case by case approach since we sell a wide range of products. In some instances it may be something minor that can be repaired locally and we will work with you on that solution. In the event that the product cannot be salvaged an insurance claim will be started for the damaged cargo.

Your merchandise should be inspected thoroughly when receiving. Any damage claims must be made within 24 hours of the signed delivery receipt. A damage claim should be submitted along with a thorough description and supporting pictures. Any claim not made within 24 hrs of delivery will not be accepted and considered void. No exceptions.

SAVE ALL YOUR BOXING AND CRATING MATERIALS! It is your responsibility to save all boxing and packing materials until you are certain that the merchandise is undamaged. Without the boxing materials, the freight company will not honor any damage claim. If you throw out the crate boxing materials prematurely, you will be responsible for any damage that may have occurred. We will no longer be able to assist you, so please don't make this mistake.

The Good News  Damages are very rare. Our merchandise is very well protected with premium packaging materials. Our staff is well trained and work on shipments traveling around the world daily. The majority of our shipments exceed industry standards for packaging because we believe in doing right using the best materials. Reading this information may be intimidating but we strive to educate our customers so they can purchase and receive merchandise confidently.








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