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Custom Marble Statuary

At the Gatz we have the ability to produce custom marble statuary at fair prices. We believe that high quality art and statuary should not be a luxury of only those with the largest budgets. With his principle in mind we started our service of custom producing marble statues in a wide range of sizes.

St Catherine of Sienna Statue

 Typically we are contacted by a church or donor when they have sustained damage to a statue and are looking to replace it or they have raised the funds needed to finally complete a project. In the case of dealing with damaged statues we ask the customer to provide as many pictures of the statue as possible. This helps us with ensuring the details on the new statue are as accurate as possible. The same process is used when producing a new marble design. The customer submits a picture of what they have in mind for the statue and based off of the submission and feedback from the customer we begin to work on creating a new design. 

Pictured to the right is an example of a customer submission for a custom statue. The liked the overall look of this 100 year old St. Catherine of Sienna plaster statue but were more interested in finding something that was larger and could be displayed outside. With this image and consulting with the customer we were able to come up with a design that would suit their needs.


St Catherine of Sienna Marble statue clay mould

 After receiving all the feedback from the customer we are then able to move to the mould making process. To ensure your design is perfect before carving we make a 1:1 scale clay mould. The mould process allows for us to see what the final marble stature will look like. In this process we will make recommendations to the customers and also listen to their feedback. This process allows us to make timely modifications to the design. This process can be done via email where we send the customer pictures of the statue from several different angles.

Once the clay mould is approved by our customer we begin the actually carving process. Depending on the design of the statue the carving process can take anywhere from 25-40 days after approving the clay mould. During this time we select only the best quality statuary white marble and carve the statue from solid block of natural stone. We never use engineered stone or a casting process.


Once the carving process is complete we send several pictures of the finished statue to the customer. This will be the final pictures the customer sees of the statue. This of course is another opportunity for us to perform a quality control check and make sure the customer is satisfied. If there are any modifications to be made we would again get their feedback and perform the modifications to meet their approval.



 After all modifications are made the statue is placed in a temporary crate and transported to our warehouse. Once we receive the statue we perform an inspection to make sure it arrived with no damage and then add additional packaging materials to the wood crate to prepare it for domestic shipping. You can see in the photos the finished product of this 'St. Catherine of Sienna" marble statue we produced for our customer.

 Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can make it become a reality. We can provide free estimates on custom statues in a variety of sizes. Our most common statue sizes are 60" and 72" tall but we can make them larger or smaller depending on your needs.

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