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Breton Furniture

We are pleased to offer you one of the largest collections of French Breton Furniture offered in the US. We search Europe daily to capture  this wonderful style of furnishing for your consideration. Many of the Breton pieces of furnishing and their design offer  some of the very best examples of art in furniture.
History Breton Furniture
Breton furniture is from France.  Most of the  furniture we find and offer from Europe dates from the late 19th Century to the early 20th Century. There was a period in the mid 20th century when there was a Renaissance and new interest in the development of furnishings in the Breton style. Nearly all Breton furniture is  constructed in  Oak. Many of the earlier 19th century pieces were constructed in Oak as well as Chestnut! Furnishing are of excellent quality and for the most part solid wood construction offering excellent value. The Breton Region is a large region to the west of Normandy  nearly surrounded by the Atlantic. Large cities in the area are Bretagne, Rennes, Quimper & Brest. Much of the Briton style furnishings have now circulated throughout France and some parts of Europe due to the relocation of families over the years. All the furniture as you will see often displays a story or a scene of people or families in their daily lives. Many of the scenes are of  family farms, in a tavern or playing some type of sport from the period.  When we have the opportunity to acquire full dining sets from the 19th century many of the carved figures are replicated in the all of the specific dining pieces such as the table, chairs, cabinets and servers.  The carved detail accurately represents the people, their geographic area, their dress and their customs. The people of Breton still partake today in the custom of their ancestors and often dress in the 18th and 19th Century clothing, some all the time while others only on holidays.
Breton furniture has the largest variety in models. There are more different models, like little cabinets, pedestals, tables, chairs, dressers ,clocks, vitrines, etc. than in any other style of furniture in Europe. 
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