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Italian Baroque

The Vintage Baroque furniture that we purchase in Europe is Italian and  purchased from homes in Belgium. The Italian furniture manufactures produced a considerable amount of Baroque furniture for the Belgium market during the late 1950s and 1960s. Although not clearly defined one might call  this the Baroque Renaissance Period. There was a  considerable amount of furniture styles made during this period.  Tables, chair sets, tea carts, china cabinets, coffee tables, beds, armoires, clocks, salon sets and lighting just to name a few. Designs elements  ranged from modest carved detail to very ornate designs. Cherubs were used as subject matter in a wide range of poses. Wood content was often walnut as well as bass wood. Finishes were solid tones often without visual signs of wood grains or often completely painted or accented with floral motif on many of the stained pieces. Many of the pieces we offer today are unique in nature and offer delightful additions to your home or furniture collection.

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